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February 11, 2012 / northernillinoiscouponingmoms

Woodmans teaching trip!

Yes thats right. I was at Woodmans at 6 am with my friend Ryan to teach him how to coupon! 🙂 (us and about 3 other customers 🙂 ) I had not been in Woodmans for a while so I was happy to go and check things out . Here is what I found:

Before coupons and tax this would have cost me $35.73

I was able to get it all for $17.20! 52% savings!

  • Tru Moo Half Gallon $2.09

Used $0.55/1 coupon

Final cost $1.54

  • 2 Ocean Spray 64 oz Juice $2.09 and $2.79

used a B1 get a Free Cherry coupon (took off $2.09)

Final cost $2.79 for 2 or $1.35 each

  • 9 Red Gold Tomato Sauce 8 oz $0.29 each (total$2.61)

used 3 $0.55/3 coupons (total of $1.65)

Final cost for 9 just $0.96 or $0.11 each (all donation items!)

  • 2 Marcal single roll tp $1 each

used 2 $1/1 coupons

Final cost FREE (all donation items)

  • 2 Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks $1.79 each ($3.58)

used a $1.10/2 coupon (older Printable no longer available)

Final cost $2.48 for 2 or $1.24 each (for my daughters class for Valentines Day party)

  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser 2 pack $1.79

used a $1/1 coupon from a PG mailer

Final cost $0.79

  • Rhodes Warm and Serve Crusty Rolls $1.89

used a $1/1 Rhodes Heat and Serve Rolls coupon from recent inserts

Final cost $0.89

  • 6 Skittles $0.69 each ($4.14)

used 3 B1G1 FREE coupons I had gotten from a friend (they appear to be tear pad coupons. Not sure where she got them)

Final cost for 6 just $2.07 or $0.35 each (donation to Rock House Kids for Valentines Day!)

  • 3 Up 2 U gum $1.09 each ( $3.27)

used 3 $1/1 coupons from recent inserts

Final cost just $0.27 for all 3 or $0.09 each (again donation to Rock House kids!)

  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.09

used a $1/1 Kikkoman Soy sauce coupon

Final cost $0.09 (donation item)

  • Kikkoman dry Stir fry Seasoning $0.93

used a $1/1 Kikkoman ( any) coupon

Final cost FREE

  • Cream of Tartar $0.89 (no coupon but i ran out making playdough this week for my daughters class)
  • 2 Pull Ups Wipes $1.79 each ($3.58 total)

used 2 $1/1 Pull Ups Wipes coupon

Final cost$1.58 or $0.79 each

  • Hills Brothers Skinny Latte $2.99

used a $0.35/1 coupon from recent inserts

Final cost $2.64

This post is a good example of everyday shopping. In the past several weeks ( with so many double and triple coupon deals) we have been very focused on how to score many FREE items or how to save 70% 80% or more! Yes saving 70% or more is awesome BUT  it isnt necessarily the norm every time you shop. If you always shop , say Woodmans, and you never had used coupons, saving 50% now by using coupons is a GREAT deal! thats 50% in your pocket! (and I did in fact get some free or almost free items!)



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  1. Michelle / Feb 11 2012 7:44 pm

    It has been a while since I have been in Woodmans, but the last time I heard they were only allowing 1 printable coupon per order. Is that still the case?


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