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February 14, 2012 / northernillinoiscouponingmoms

Growing…bittersweet post

In August 2012, Northern Illinois Couponing Moms was born on Facebook.  It was both an exciting as well as a little scary day 🙂 The Facebook page grew and in October 2010 Northern Illinois Couponing Moms went live with a web page! Ok I thought yikes!!!  An actual webpage and blog is a whole different ball game! People may actually read what I write! LOL

October 29, 2011 Northern Illinois Couponing Moms got our first publicity with an article in the Rockford Register Star! We got a block on the front page and coverage in the story! (see it here). To be 100% honest I was completely freaked out that Sunday morning! I was up at 4 am waiting for the paper to arrive (yeah it doesnt come until after 6!) My stomach was in knots.  I was so nervous! Geezzz I thought! People are probably going to read the webpage now. Then I thought, oh no! What if they read the page and think,  “this lady is nuts!” and never come back! I would be humiliated!

Well quite the opposite happened. People read and people stayed! Our site grew and to date we have had over 34000 hits on our web page ( in just over 3 months!)

Northern Illinois Couponing Moms ONLY exists BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU! You keep coming back, you share our posts, you have talked with each other and you have shared your coupon successes!For that we are grateful!

So begins the growth!

This is our last post ON THIS PAGE! Bittersweet.

We are happy to announce that OUR NEW SITE IS UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have outgrown this space. It is time for our seedling to start to become a stronger place for readers to visit!

As with any new project there are still a few things we need to work out. Thanks for your patience 🙂

As we go through the rest of the week and weekend you may see things pop up that are new. We are going to try a few new things with posts as well. All to make the site better!

We are planning another giveaway soon! Bigger than what we have already done! Details later!

So goodbye to this page and we thank you for all you have given! To all of our readers…We thank you for allowing us to grow!

You can follow us now on our new site here!




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