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Coupon lingo

  • B1G1 or BOGO : Buy one Get one Free
  • WYB: When you buy
  • Catalina: a coupon that prints at the register after you pay. It is trigger by some item(s) that you purchased. It can be for money off your next trip or a coupon for a certain amount off of an item. It is named after the company that created them, Catalina Corp. If you ever have any problem with a Catalina call 1-888-8coupon.
  • ECBs: extra Care Bucks that print out at CVS for money off your next trip
  • GM: General Mills
  • PG: Proctor and Gamble
  • MIR: Mail in rebate
  • OOP: Out of Pocket (the price you actually paid out of pocket for something)
  • Overage: Something we would all like to happen! When your coupon amount is more than the price of the item. Say an item is $0.97 and you have a coupon for $1. If your store allows an overage they will scan and take your $1 coupon and you will actually make $0.03 on that item
  • Q: coupon
  • MQ: manufacturer coupon
  • RR: Register Reward. A coupon that prints out after you pay at Walgreens that is money off your next trip
  • Wags: Walgreens
  • SS: Smart Source, a company that has coupon inserts in papers
  • RP: red Plum, another coupon company
  • Stack: when a store such as Walgreens, Target, Hy Vee, County Market etc allow you to use a coupon that says, for ex: Target Coupon, on it and a MQ on the same item!

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