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February 11, 2012 / northernillinoiscouponingmoms

Candy donation for Rock House Kids!

I am so happy to be able to drop off a big donation of candy on Monday to Rock House Kids. They are looking for candy for Valentines Day! I feel a bit bad that is isnt all specifically Valentines wrapping but…hopefully it wont matter 🙂

11 Harbio Gummy Bears (5 were $0.40 or less per bag and the rest were $0.10)  $2.60

8 Skittles (all bought with B1g1 coupons) total $2.75

8 M&Ms (all were free. They were bought used as fillers at Walgreens to bring total up in order to use a register reward)

12 packs of gum. The most I paid for them was today when I paid $0.27 for 3 of them. The rest were free

6 specific Valentines candy (Twix or M&Ms) all were $1 and were a total of $2 yesterday at Walmart

So for $7.62 I am able to provide Rock House Kids with 45 candies ( and Harbio for example can be used for several children!). (prior to using coupons this all would have cost me $37.80…$1 Harbio each, $0.60 Skittles each, $0.50 M&Ms, $1 each on gum, $1 on Valentines)

Feels so great to give back!



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