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January 8, 2012 / northernillinoiscouponingmoms

Hilander/Logli/Schnucks: Lets work Catalinas!

Hilander/Logli/Schnucks ad today has some deals they are calling Great Buys. See the post here

One of the deals is $2.99 ground beef with a separate $10 purchase (excluding Great Buy items)

Im in need of ground beef so Im thinking through a scenario of how to maximize current deals.

We have 2 Catalina deals going on right now that work very well with current coupons.

We were talking at yesterdays coupon get together about how to pay for items that we do not have coupons for such as meat, produce etc. Catalinas are the key.


Lets see if we can get everyone some Catalinas

Please bear in mind that I am guessing at the current price on Kikkoman. I looked when I was in the store but I cant remember exactly so check the store and add your totals before doing this deal. Im going with the smaller size being $2.28. Check the price and make corrections to the math below as needed.

We need to get to $10 (excluding other Great Buy items) so…

Chex is currently 2/$3

Lets assume Kikkoman Soy Sauce (smaller one) is $2.28

Get 6 chex ($9)

Get 3 smaller Kikkoman Soy Sauce ( assume $2.28 each)

Pick up say 1 lb ( you can do more) of ground beef at $2.99 lb

Total $18.83

Link to post with Chex and Kikkoman coupons here

Use 3 $0.50/2 Chex coupons and each will double to $1 taking $3 off your order

Use a B1G1 Free Kikkoman printable coupon (no longer available) Takes $2.28 off your order

Use a $1/1 Kikkoman coupon (link just above) Takes $1 off your order

Total for all: $12.55

You will get a $3 catalina for the Chex ( 5 or more is $3 catalina) and you will get a $2 Catalina for Kikkomans ( get a $2 wyb 3 Kikkomans) for a total of $5 in Catalinas good towards your next order.

Use those $5 Catalinas to purchase things you dont have coupons for such as produce, milk etc

A second scenario:
Leave out the Ground beef and just stock up on Chex and Kikkoman

6 Chex $9

3 Kikkoman $2.28 each $6.84

Total $15.84

Use 3 $0.50/2 Chex coupons (link above) which will all double to $1 so $3 off your total

Use a B1G1 Free Kikkoman takes $2.28 off

and use a $1/1 Kikkoman (again link above)

Total after coupons: $9.56 and still get a $3 and a $2 Catalina back! Use those Catalinas to buy things you dont have coupons for!

FYI…You cannot leave out the ground beef and just do Chex and Kikkoman and use the Catalinas to buy the ground beef. The $2.99 price is ONLY with a separate $10 purchase






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